What kind of programs do JEI offer to elementary and middle school students?

For students in elementary and middle school, our JEI academic enrichment program is the most effective and affordable option. You may choose from many subjects offered: Math, Problem Solving Math, English Language Arts, Reading & Writing or Intensive Writing.  For students wishing to follow their school curriculum and are looking for help in preparing for exams or in need of additional enrichment in addition to their current course work, we offer one-on-one teaching at an affordable rate.

What kind of programs does JEI offer high school students?

Our services include private tutoring by highly qualified tutors who are often experienced, certified high school teachers or college professors. They specialize in several areas of study including Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, etc. If you are looking for a more affordable tutoring, you may wish to consider one-on-one homework help with our student tutors.

How does JEI’s Enrichment Program differ from other programs?

JEI is well-known for its exclusive scientific diagnostic system. It pinpoints the missing links in learning, and prescribes an individual study program based on the student’s specific needs. In addition, JEI provides a more comprehensive curriculum. JEI Math, for example, covers not only number operation but geometry, measurement, and more.

Is JEI an enrichment program or does it help children who may be struggling with a particular subject?

Both. We offer targeted programs for academically advanced children and students who may need secondary reinforcement and additional practice in a particular subject matter. Ultimately, our goal is for all JEI students to overcome hurdles and push forward to achieve higher levels of academic and personal success.

What kinds of materials do you use to help students prepare for NJ Ask testing?

The JEI enrichment program is developed based on the US school curriculum; therefore, by design, our proprietary materials will prepare students for standardized tests.  However, there is no shortcut in preparing for NJ Ask or any standardized tests. It requires preparation and practice, which takes time. So enroll your child early. Don’t wait until the last minute.

How are your SAT classes different from those of other learning centers?

We specialize in small group tutoring (often four to six students only) as opposed to large-scale classes offered by other learning centers. From our experience, a smaller group learning environment allows tutors to give each student personalized attention and meaningful feedback, hence contributing to a more significant SAT score outcome.

What are the qualifications of your SAT teachers?

Our SAT teachers are highly experienced high school teachers and college professors with more than eight years of SAT-prep teaching expertise. Only SAT tutors with proven track records in helping students achieve the highest scores possible are included in the JEI program. Our SAT reading and writing teachers are often practicing professional writers as well.

What is the curriculum of your SAT prep class?

The reading & writing preparation focuses on critical reading, grammar and writing skills. The math segment covers numbers and operations; algebra and functions; geometry and measurement; data analysis, statistics, and probability.

Students receive topic-focused lessons as well guided practices and intensive exercises/homework to improve their skills.

Participants learn valuable test-taking strategies, including tips for advanced math concepts in Algebra I & II and Geometry etc.

Periodic SAT practice tests will be given during the course of the program for individualized assessment and feedback.

Our classes typically run six to eight weeks (approximately 18 hours of reading/writing and 18 hours of math) and conclude just prior to one of the SAT test dates.

Please email us at jeimarlboro@gmail.com or call 732-866-9099 for the latest schedule. Our tutors are also available for one-on-one tutoring if a more flexible schedule is needed.

Do you offer SAT prep classes for lower grades (7th to 9th Grades) students?

Yes, we do. Many of our students in lower grades desire to take our SAT prep class in connection with the John Hopkins – CTY program. Others just want a head start in preparing for the SAT test. While the structure of these classes is similar to the higher grades (10th – 12th) students (see FAQ above on SAT classes), lessons will emphasize less on the mathematics that students have not yet learned such as Algebra II and Geometry. There will also be more emphasis on critical reading and grammar than essay writing.

I’m ready to learn more. What is the next step?

Start here by reviewing our current curriculum. Then call our center at (732) 866-9099 and speak with our elementary, middle or high school program manager to discuss the courses that interest you. If you are in search of one-on-one enrichment or customized study, please ask for Elsie Koo, director of Marlboro’s JEI Learning Center.