JEI Courses


JEI Learning Center offers a targeted learning program curriculum aimed at boosting your child’s aptitude up to the next level. How is this possible? We start by using our exclusive JEI Diagnostic System which is available in every grade level from pre-school to 9th grade for both Math and English. This comprehensive test will pinpoint specific areas where a student may require more concentrated individualized learning. Based upon this evaluation, a customized learning module will be developed to optimize each student’s needs. This “prescriptive learning” formula will serve as the student’s catalyst for developing improved expertise in that area of study.

From there, the student will be placed in one of several learning programs according to both grade and aptitude.


JEI Math fosters conceptual and meaningful understanding and guides students with a step-by-step approach. The curriculum is designed with specific study objectives in small steps to make learning math easy for everyone. It is aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards covering all applicable areas of study.

JEI Problem Solving Math is intended for advanced students seeking a more rigorous academic challenge. Students’ analytical and problem-solving skills are sharpened through an array of advanced ‘Math Olympiad’ type questions.

JEI English progresses in small steps and makes learning engaging and effective. The workbooks build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills. Our unique and creative reading materials maintain interest and develop the skills necessary for effective reading and writing.

JEI Reading and Writing is a literature-based, reading enrichment program that includes fiction, non-fiction and other literary genres. Through the study and understanding of high quality literature, the program strengthens reading comprehension and writing skills.


PSAT/SAT/ACT Test Preparation

High quality, proven SAT preparation courses are difficult to find and often require extensive round-trip travel. JEI is pleased to offer its own customized SAT preparation course conveniently located in Marlboro, Monmouth County.

Please note that availability is extremely limited and we recommend connecting with us on Facebook for the latest SAT Prep course schedule announcements. For more information and upcoming class dates, please call (732) 866 – 9099.


Private Tutoring

Many of our families choose private tutoring for improved subject understanding, enriched curriculum, homework assistance or exam preparation. After a detailed evaluation, we will select and assign a teacher whose academic specialty most closely matches the needs of your child. We will also take into consideration your child’s personality and learning preferences. Please contact Elsie Koo for more information at (732) 866 – 9099.


Where can you find the perfect summer camp that keeps your child’s reading, writing and math skills fresh but also provides art, music, culture and a health dose of outdoor sunshine? Only at JEI Learning in Marlboro. As we all know, a child’s learning skills can regress during the summer months from lack of use. To solve this challenge, JEI created a summer camp formula that combines academics, culture and a class summer camp experience all rolled into one!

Our camp, designed for children entering grades K- 8, runs eight weeks offering grade-specific classroom study in Math, Reading and Writing  in the morning and afternoon fun activities and field trips  such as the hands-on science, Marlboro Aquatic Club, bowling, movies and local amusement park etc. Campers may attend four or five days per week. A minimum of two week enrollment is required.

Our summer camp program is announced in January and enrollment opens on February 1 at 4 p.m. Space is very limited and offered on a pre-paid basis, first come, first serve.